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Why is My First Angel? Must Read!

I am all on the rough road! Where I am all alone! I have been an entrepreneur who invested each penny in building the brand , the skeleton , the business model and left with least money for stocks - for advertisement.

I have asked my friends for helping me out " The joke of the century is - they all have invested in Real Estate - A common answer from all"

I have asked the bank ICICI to please give me loan " Its a  NO NO - My efforts of doing transactions of crores in a year are all in vain" None to help.

I have asked my family - my immediate relatives" They don't trust me anymore for monetary investment"

I have asked the angels : They say - "I'm not expanding my investment portfolio on niche internet retail at this time"

I have asked my husband " He has given me all he had- All he had" I am thankful.

Asking is curse , I am aware of it. But an entrepreneur like me  - A passionate business women - I am not born to do a family type small business. I too dream of tycoons. I am an inspired entrepreneur from not few  but hundreds and hundreds of books and brands - You can well imagine my passion and clarity of my thoughts.

An incident few days back : Last month,  I tried to put some efforts for selling my stock on Flipkart and luckily I started selling hundreds of footwear online daily. I clicked an option given by flipkart on seller panel - Lending services. I got call from in a day , the process was too smooth , too courteous that I got loan approval of 3lac within 3-4 days and the money got transferred to my account within a week without any collateral with a promise to further increment on amount within 3 months. Though 3lac was an extreme small amount as per my need, But I am all impressed with the quickness and the comfort and the trust. Though its on interest but one thing its a big relief than NO NO from such reputed banks who have no plate for entrepreneurs with genuine running business already , transactions happening everyday. Its far better than , to get embarrassed from acquaintances because you want to grow your baby business bigger. 

Though its a financing company , However I consider lending-kart as my first angel! I am thankful for the TRUST! Trust in Passion!

For my fellow entrepreneurs

With my sincere efforts




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