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SimbaQuartz -Diversity Rich Organization From Rural India

Quoted by Malcolm Forbes "Diversity - The art of thinking independently together." Today, reviewing my organization – SimbaQuartz, I found this quote quite apt in our case.

An organization started with very high ambitions of mine to work something different from usual, SimbaQuartz achieved the set- goals with our consistent efforts, teamwork, focused insight, professionalism, and high work ethics. In several other characteristics of our company, diversity is one of the catchiest things that has given a lot to grow SimbaQuartz, SimbaCart, and all our other ventures.

Sharing some interesting aspects of my business ventures in terms of diversity, I’m sharing my thoughts here to help others know the value of diversity in any business. How diversity helps our VISION to be a REALITY and what we all can learn or benefit from it?

SimbaQuartz our IT venture is an integrated platform featuring the best examples of diversity in many forms. The following mentioned few of the exemplary instances:

SimbaQuartz Has Employees Coming From Different States in India - SimbaQuartz has started moving faster towards its growth following this employee diversity. As we have a strong team of IT, Software, Graphic Designing, Marketing, Management, and all other business operations, we focus on recruiting the best talents to our team. All thanks to our mutual efforts that we have the best professional team associated at present which belong to employees from Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Jammu & Kashmir.

Each employee coming from different places brings new things, new ideas, new knowledge and imparts to others for a good. For example, our Project Management expert Pramod Sai Megavath comes from Telangana and when he dances with his regional moves, it makes everyone go crazy as his dance moves are truly fast and fun to watch. Similarly, another employee of our organization named Pawan Kumar hails from Himachal Pradesh is known for his Slo-Mo dance as his regional dance is quite slow and pleasing. But, both dance forms are worth appreciation and we do by encouraging them to dance and have fun whenever we get a chance.

Just as dance forms, this diversity in native places of employees allow us to learn about different cuisines and taste of Indian regional food. All and all, SimbaQuartz employees are given a tremendous opportunity to acquire a nationwide experience while working in our village Tangra.

Diversity In Our Employees' Educational / Professional Backgrounds - Our organizational diversity can also be observed by the educational and professional backgrounds of our employees. With a mission to thrive as a leading business entity, we have employed candidates from the best institutions in the country.

Vishal Pandey is the greatest example of our highly-qualified employee competency as he is a pass-out from IIM Amritsar and working with us as Assistant General Manager. Just as Mr. Vishal, our technical team has an expert IT project manager named Pramod Sai Megavath from IIM Sambalpur. Likewise, we also have interns from prestigious institutions of the country.

The professional team of SimbaQuartz also includes professionals worked in companies like American Express, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, etc. From their professional experience, each of our team members finds a lot to learn.

Cultural Diversity of Each Employee creates a spectacular learning experience - As our country, India is known for its rich cultural diversity, SimbaQuartz has created an environment where one can see a small glimpse of Indian cultural diversity.

Our office culture gives our employees several opportunities to demonstrate their regional culture. Whether it is food, dressing, dance, religion, language, or anything, we let our employees represent their culture in the way they desire.

Though there are countless things in SimbaQuartz that make us different from the usual, but Yes! diversity in our organization has so much to contribute to our organizational growth. Our efforts have not just helped SimbaQuartz grow, but also the society we belong to.

In closing line - I would say Don't Limit Yourself To Certain Boundaries, But Introduce Organizational Diversity In Business.

My Honest Writings

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu

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