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How Is Simbacart Generating Employment In Rural India!

There is always an inspiration behind every business idea. Normally, entrepreneurs chase ideas that drive high revenue, great sales, and remarkable business success. Undoubtedly like other entrepreneurs, I also started Simbacart with a similar vision, but there had been a special angle of social welfare. My husband started Simbacart in 2011, but officially we together took it off in 2013 as a formal company. Simbacart is more than just a company, selling ethnic handmade footwear products under the brand Simba. Simbacart is indeed a unique company in more than one way. Rural Passion to City Glamour is what this venture had been started with and still following the same vision.

Those who are familiar with my stories and entrepreneurial motto already know that I always supported Social Entrepreneurship on normal entrepreneurship, and my venture - Simbacart is one of the most significant efforts in this direction. Though Simbacart is a profitable venture, it has always been a subject of curiosity for many as I’ve usually been questioned like how is Simbacart serving society. So, to address this concern and resolve this curiosity, we have got this article narrating our journey from the roots of rural India to taking our products to all parts of the nation. It covers how Simbacart is helping us to give employment to locals, and promote the traditional skills of handmade crafting of shoes.

Asit is deeply rooted in our belief that the resources in the rural areas can be utilized without disrupting the environment too much, we thought of working in this dimension with Simbacart. Employing rural resources of locals, Simbacart had started its journey. And we vigorously commenced marketing the products that are made locally and also by hands from urban lands.

Our concept has helped us increase the employment opportunities for people who are less privileged in the field of education and training. These people use their talents that have been handed down to them from generation to generation. Ultimately, our idea has become a viable business because there has been a large number of consumers who prefer to buy hand-crafted high-quality products.

Simbacart follows our mission to grow with the society we belong to - As Simbacart is a sister concern of SimbaQuartz, it follows the similar mission of social entrepreneurship. Under this mission, Simbacart took its first step by reaching out to the best artisans or Karigars, located in Punjab or nearby areas, and then brought them with us to create matchless pairs of Punjabi Juttis.

Punjabi Juttis that our skilled workers manufacture all by their hands and thus the final product takes quality time to complete. It requires intense hard-work, time, effort, craftsmanship, and then combines them all with the finest quality of the material. When our workers invest a lot in these products, we assure them of decent payouts. Bearing all the expenses of manufacturing our handmade shoes, then handling and shipping cost, advertisement expenses, etc, the product becomes a bit expensive.

Though the major portion of the sales of these premium shoes goes right to the betterment of our associated local artisans and we keep a very small share. This way, Simbacart does not only make profit from this profitable venture but also provides employment and decent earning to local workers.

Simbacart is in collaboration with an esteemed Chennai-based supplier who also provides employment to local artisans & manufactures the most stylish colorful loafers.

To feature the most stylish collection of loafers, Simbacart collaborated with a Chennai-based reputed supplier of loafers. Though there had been several other suppliers and distributors of loafers available around, we personally loved their passion and love for creating every pair unique and different from one another.

The creative combination of colors and unique designs of loafers this supplier presented to us, made us immediately associate with him. Besides other factors, this supplier also provides employment to local artisans who are globally famous for their extraordinary skills.

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You probably know the place - Ambur in Tamil Nadu as it is famous for the best leather shoe market in India. Several leading shoe brands like Gucci and Tommy also get their shoes manufactured from there. Most of the

workers of this supplier belong to this community and hence, perfection is assured in the loafers manufactured by them.

During the collaboration talks with Ambur based vendor, I asked him why you find North India or specifically Punjab as the best market for your product. He simply answered that " people in Punjab are bigger lovers of fashion and wearing colors, and in the South, people prefer wearing traditional colors like Black, Brown, etc." As his collection majorly flaunts of exclusive colors, North India had been the best target market for him.

We truly appreciate the passion of local artisans of Tamil Nadu that clearly reflected in the perfection of loafer styles and promoting their work through our platform is a token of respect towards them.

Simbacart provides men and women with equal working opportunities & chance to be financially independent-

We all love to be independent as the happiness of being independent is beyond imagination. When we talk on this subject, it covers many aspects of independence. Financial Independence is one of the most attractive forms of independence and men and women equally love to be financially independent. But, in rural areas, providing financial independence to men and women both becomes a challenge.

With Simbacart, we invited men and women both to come forward and grab the opportunity to earn a decent living. From handmade shoemaking to operating and managing various activities of Simbacart, we have employed a decent ratio of men and women in our company. This way, we are setting an example for other entrepreneurs to think of this perspective too and introduce more similar opportunities in Rural areas of the country.

Simbacart - A Venture Linking Rural and Urban India, Commercially - There is a huge commercial disconnect between people who live in big cities and faraway areas. The prosperity and opportunity barely trickle down to the people whose untapped potential just goes to waste. Locals can produce high-quality products with their hands using the raw materials that are easily made available to them by Simbacart as we support them financially too. This may not sound like a very cost-effective method of producing goods in the modern world of technology and industrialization, but we do it because we support Social Entrepreneurship - a business thought more inclined towards making the society happy and flourished.

Simbacart does not only provide financial support to local artisans but also provides them a platform to connect with Urban India and consumers commercially. We have learned from our experience that there is very good demand for handmade shoes and footwear products in urban parts of the country and also overseas. Our consistent effort has helped us bring ‘Rural Passion to City Glamour.”

All and all, Simbacart represents the perfect collaboration of the Punjabi tradition with the skilled work of the leading leather hub located in Ambur, Tamilnadu. A truly refined collection of Punjabi Juttis and uniquely handcrafted loafers flaunting vibrant colors, Simbacart makes every shoe lover fall for the store and its products. For checking out our latest designs of handmade shoes, check the Simbacart collection now.

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