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The Shoe Makers - SISSC - Simbacart I Support Skill Center

The picture for my article is not just a picture or a general picture but of the few shoemakers behind growth of Simbacart. In Simbacart we have been focusing on 3 things : 1 . SISSC - Simbacart I Support Skill Center 2. Club Simbasmiles : Group of Simbacart employees and Volunteers focusing on various social cause to uplift the people in need. 3. SITE : Simbacart Initiative for Training and Employment.

Recently the company has moved down to Tier 2 to Tier 6 location in Punjab to be in sync with its 3 major objectives. Currently Simbacart source 40% of its stocks from small scale skilled talent who makes shoe at home. We have moved to rural to have better insight and to move close to the skilled talent in rural area. We are all focused on generating more income for the shoemakers working at their home in rural parts of the country. The company is working on better plans to supply raw material to the shoemakers in advance in order to ease them in terms of investment on raw material in advance. We are all focused on turning shoemakers to "Happy Shoemakers".  We are working aggressively to add on more shoemakers with us each month.




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