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The Rural Love : SISSC - Simbacart I Support Skill Center - The Quilts!

Recently I moved all my operations to my Village Tangra , where I was born. Its a small Tier 6 location in Punjab. I am in love with all the simplicity and clean air here. I am in love with the skill ! I am in love with the honesty ! I am in love with people being so down to earth!

In sync with my objective of my entrepreneurial set up -  Simbacart Online Services Pvt. Ltd. I came up with a new launch  , bringing "Rural Passion" to "City Glamour"  - The Simbaloom Quilts. By quilts we mean , the blankets stuffed with cotton and then sewn (stitched) with hands - All with dedication and love!

After being into footwear , where I chose 40% of the footwear to be sourced from skilled labor who make shoes at home in rural India. I have chosen another new product that is Simbaloom Quilts. Many people in village both men and women knows how to make handmade quilts.  They can easily make them at their home or at SISSC (Simba I Support Skill Center).  We buy the raw material , do color combinations , arrange and fill cotton and we handover them quilts before final sewing with hands.

Along with my team , I am completely focusing on pushing exclusive quality rural products to the market. We have made several groups in Village Tangra to work on quilts. We pay them daily wages and even allow them to take stuff at home for stitching. On an average a person can make 3-4 quality quilts in a day and can earn upto Rs.200 on daily basis. Both men and women can do this task.

One of my friend said very nicely " A machine is an apparatus which just do human task repeatedly" Its not human. I really came out of the machine world , After doing continuous work under SISSC , I have realized the real human talent, which is the combination of "feeling good about ownself" "hard-work" "passion" "dedication" & "skill". Every person is an entrepreneur in himself , if organisations like us helps others to identify and better their skills and link them to some real time product development and selling rural products at large scale in bigger cities both online and offline.

I am enjoying my journey and blessings of the local people!

Simbaloom - The Rural Passion  - Handcrafted With Love - The Quilts!





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