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When & Why choose Facebook over Google? - A Case

Case 1. When the product is for masses and is gender biased we should definately choose for facebook marketing first . Facebook allows us to target audience in terms of gender , Age group , Interests , Geo location whereas Google can never target in terms of gender and age group. This serves purpose of both Brand awareness as well as Sales objective.

Example : If I launched women Jute handbags in range below INR 600 and I can courier it only in 20 cities of Punjab. I know my product can be sold to masses. I should go ahead with Facebook marketing first rather than any other internet marketing channel. I could set different cases and start experimenting:

Case a) I selected women with age group 18-22 and selected the combination of any 10 cities out of 20 and checked the response.

Case b) I selected women with age group 22-30 and selected the same combination of cities as in above case.

As above we can develop various combinations and then do in-depth analysis of facebook insights by exporting sheet which is real time available on facebook.

Remember it is very very important to analyse data daily in order to move from just brands awareness to sales conversions. Combination of Facebook and Web traffic analytic is very important to study . This can be achieved by practicing on daily basis or by hiring an extreme good digital marketing and data analytic agency.  



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