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Tangra - A village where Training Is Passion! @Simbacart Campus

In love with my passion to move Simbacart's operations to rural India in a small village in Punjab i.e Tangra , I am enjoying every moment of it. Its an opportunity for the simplest kids who are soul of my village , who are just having normal education from local village schools and dreaming of someone whom they read in books. 

In love with green fields and simplicity in the eyes of my lovely companions , I have chosen training too as my passion. In Simbacart Campus , All are welcome , welcome to improve on their skills and learn from each other. Wi Fi access and the laptops with furnished office for a feel better aura. 

A campus where we work closely on making team learn from each other , work in groups and participate in  loads of activities daily to bring more smiles to the life and groom them further professionally to prepare them to work full time once they complete studies. We encourage the trainees to complete their education. Along with monthly compensation to them , we give them targets for scoring in their studies. Parents share " My child started studying even harder , since he started coming to SimbaFreshino campus"

I along with my team is all focused to bring up polished and real hardworking team out of the rural. We firmly believe they just need platform , rest they are no less than any brilliant talent. Rural kids are all ready to work hardest and SimbaFreshino Campus is all supporting them with open heart.


My honest writing for my readers!! - mandeep



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