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Search - Inspiring Humanity! An NGO initiative to touch many lives!

"With love lets come out of the cages where we have kept our best of the thoughts" - Mandeep Kaur Sidhu

Recently I came up with my new venture - An NGO initiative with its base in small village Tangra in Punjab. The dream is to touch as many lives as possible. The taste of being in rural and do something different is as soothing as every-time getting touched by our mother's hands. Did you ever thought where in depth of this earth , there are hundreds and thousands of villages and towns , we can never imagine how people are living there. We are moving faster and the fastest , leaving behind our fellow beings. 

Under our goal is to run various campaigns such as :• Food donation • Health care • Shoe & Clothes donation • Education & Skill development • Blood donation  • Drug eradication campaigns

We would be doing this with one objective in mind. We want to ‘inspire humanity’. We want people to come forward and join our movement, saying no to hidden donations.

Providing Food - Food is the basic necessity. Nobody should’ve to go without food for any length of time. Our objective is to feed the hungry who is either too old to work and earn or simply can’t find work or is physically challenged.

Health Care - Health problems could range from a simple headache to a debilitating disease such as diabetes, cancer, AIDS etc. We are taking up a much needed health care issue women menstrual hygiene , which many are shy to take up.People need help in health care in two ways. • They need to be educated about the health problems they have. • They need the treatment. is looking to help them whichever way we can. We have held clinics for eye care and plan to do the same with dental care. We are working on launching educational drives on women menstrual hygiene.

Product Donation - wishes to make it easier for everyone to help. We accept product donations as needed. We continuously conduct shoe & clothes donation drives. We use donated items to give away to the people who need them most. 

Education & Skill Development - Giving kids school supplies such as stationery and backpacks directly as they need them. We connect donor and needy. One can sponsor education of one child or more children. It is like taking responsibility of one aspect of a child’s development and education over the years. runs a formal evening school providing free education and facilities to kids in rural. We also work on skill development where we teach women in rural stitching and painting and engage them in developing saleable products such as bags made of clothes , painted shoe , T Shirts etc.

Blood Checking & Donation campaigns - is all set to launch an online platform to connect blood donors with patients who are needy. To further support this we have already launched our toll free helpline.We are working on conducting series of blood group check up campaigns and blood donation campaigns and kick starting our services through online platform. Here, our dream is to reach every corner of the world where life is depending on blood requirements.

Fighting the drug-abuse epidemic - Our society has become so vulnerable to the drug abuse that it is scary.Our youth in particular has fallen prey to the heartless and callous drug smugglers who are destroying our societies.

We need to stop this by intervening and creating rehabilitation programs. is kick starting with sponsored recreation and sports campaigns from July onward in various villages to inspire and win interest of youth. can’t do it alone.  We are thankful to volunteers and sponsors for their continuous support and encouraging people like me to do much better.

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