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Simbacart, A Journey To The Future!

At Simbacart, we are carving a path to a better future for the communities around us. Our vision is to expand the reach as the time goes by. Our goal is to provide more opportunities to the people who are already making products for us and provide new opportunities to the ones who offer us innovative ideas.


  1. Logistics : But just like any other endeavour, there are challenges. Some of the challenges we face, are of different kind. For example; managing logistics are an uphill task from rural parts of the country because there is no infrastructure designed to handle industrial-size activity. Also, it can be more costly because the shipping companies have to go out of their way to transport goods.

  1. Accessibility : Some other challenges can be related to accessibility to resources that are readily available in big cities. Access to technology is still in the infant stage in the villages. One may have to drive several miles to send or receive a fax or have an email printed. That can slow down progress in transactions which can cost more in terms of business.

  1. Educating Consumer : Once you put it all together; then comes the process to get the consumer involved. Business will not be worth much without the consumer involvement. You have to design the advertisement programs to educate the people about your business model. It is all easy in urban markets as they have enough exposure. Whereas in India to lead we cannot ignore mid and rural markets. Consumer education in mid and rural ecommerce exposure comes in two facets. One is to let them know, that they can actually buy products online that will be delivered to them and companies like ours, works on placing orders online on customer’s behalf too. The other one is to show lower regions such as rural, how to use technology to do that.

However we, at Simbacart are taking challenges on without any hesitation. We are getting more and more people involved in this journey. People are joining us because they know that we are not just a business for ourselves. We are also for the people. Our objective is not just to be successful as a business but also bring more and more smiles for the ones who are in need of help. More Smiles Each Day- the Simbacart Way is our motto and we will continue to be driven by this motto. We feel that that’s what makes the Simbacart Brand, blessed.

More Smiles Each Day - The Simbacart Way!

My Honest Writings

Mandeep - Chief Smiles Officer 



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