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Rural Passion to City Glamour - The Simbacart Story!

Simbacart is more than just a company , selling fashion products under brand Simba , founded in Jan. 2014. Simbacart is a unique company in more than one way.

We are a blessed organization all focused to bring our ecommerce operations to rural India. It is rooted in our belief that the resources in the rural areas can be utilized without disrupting the environment too much. It can be done by marketing the products that are made locally and by hand in urban lands. These products include leather footwear, handicrafts, fashion jewellery , apparels , hand-loom and much more.

This concept will increase the employment opportunities for the people who have been less privileged in the field of education and training. These people use their talents that have been handed down to them from generation to generation. This is also viable business because there is a large number of consumers who prefer to buy hand-crafted high quality products.

Linking Rural and Urban India, Commercially. There is a huge commercial disconnect between people who live in big cities and faraway areas. The prosperity and opportunity barely trickles down to the people whose untapped potential just goes to waste. Locals can produce high quality products with their hands using the raw materials that are easily made available to them by supporting them financially too. This may not sound like a very cost-effective method of producing goods in the modern world of technology and industrialization, but these people have all the time in the world. If they didn't make those goods, they will be sitting around all day. Unemployment in villages is very high. Also, they don’t have large investments to buy machines.  

But these people had a big problem. They had no way of marketing their goods to the general public. They needed someone to purchase their products and deliver them to a customer. That is where Simbacart saw an opportunity. It found a way to market their products. We have learned from our experience that there is very good demand for those products in urban parts of the country and overseas. We are currently selling shoes, mostly for men. But as the word is spreading and more products are being proposed, we will be adding women’s and children’s shoes. Clothes will be offered in the near future. We will bring ‘Rural Passion to The City Glamour.”

Simbacart-Mission. “More Smiles Each Day—The Simbacart Way. Simbacart also has a mission. With each purchase our customers do , we pledge to spread more smiles . Our mission is to bring More Smiles Each Day to the most needing. We want to make Simbacart one among - The Blessed Brands. We have had charity events that donate shoes, food and other services. We have sponsored a free eye exam program, recently. Making people feel special by helping them, when they are in need or when they are in pain; is our goal.

Our honest writings

Chief Smiles Officer - Mandeep

Co - writer : Tarlochan Singh



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