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Rural Passion & The Packaging Innovation - The Simbacart Story!

Simbacart is in fashion products and is all known for being a self sustaining online portal in terms of selling its products and having its own rich customer base. Inspite of being targeting luxury market, the company believes that the talent and skills in rural in terms of creating a luxury product can be synced in the best possible way with urban taste.  Also, human resource can be trained from rural for running a company targeting urban markets, without disrupting the environment too much.

Simbacart's products are selective and exclusive ones. We are focused on exclusive products to be launched with the desirable attributes of being rare and sophisticated. Focusing on being a luxury brand , we have chosen Simba being sold with only selective online and offline retailers. Our products are artistic , they are the results of craftsmanship and all ready to be launched overseas too in coming months.There is lot of brand potential.

I was in focused research on our packaging innovation in such a way that boxes become handmade and generates employment in our village - Tangra , A small place in rural India where Simbacart have its campus. I approached lot of people but no good idea turned up and may be from faraway it was difficult to be in sync with our objective of generating employment in a small village. One day all of a sudden , an idea hit my mind and we started exploring further.

All the parcels loose their original packaging condition ,  when sent from one place to different place due to uneven handling at different points during transportation. As Simbacart sells maximum footwear , this happens all the time in our case. So in-spite of having a costly printed or thickest box , we chose to have simplest corrugated brown box , with no printing and just pasted with branded gumming tape of Simbacart. We saved all cost of a  luxurious box required for my products. So what we did ? 

We introduced a new packaging of clothing material made from rich clothing material preferably velvet and then tied from top with thick golden/silver ribbon or thread. This packaging requires customized cutting and stitching of the cloth.  We have been employing woman from our village to make our luxurious packaging bags on daily basis for any number of hours they want to come. For each bag they make we give them Rs.2- Rs.5 as their  charges for cutting and stitching.We teach them how to stitch if they are not expert. Each woman can make nearly 50-100 bags per day , making them earn and add on income to their family and helping us being in sync with our objective of spreading More Smiles Each Day - The Simbacart Way!

And the packaging is all beautiful !!

My honest writings

Chief Smiles Officer - Mandeep



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