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Quick Tips for Digital Marketing!

I have been working for various clients for digital marketing from past 2 years and my own brand simbacart has 1lac+ facebook followers. Digital marketing is very important to start with for each brand , however few tips to be kept in mind are as below:

Sync is important : The concept of IMC - Integrated marketing communication is very important in digital media. Make sure your brand is communicating same  message at all digital media channels such as Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin etc. The most effective benefit out of it is it will create a brand recall and hence will convert to brand awareness or same applies to any message you are giving through your communication.


Landing Pages : India needs to work a bit more on landing pages concept. If its a website click ad on digital media or if you are choosing any such ad which is directing customer to your website - Make sure your landing page to be a lot attractive to grab the attention of customer. Do not simply land customers on home page.

Set Goals & Measure : To simply work on digital is easy, spending money is easier for all and watching our fan base increasing every day is easiest! However in long run it proves to be baseless , when most of the audience remain silent. To set goals , read and analyse data and then to measure on daily basis is very important in order to give direction to our daily advertisement in terms of gender / age / locations we are targeting. Do not go by increasing fan base only , we need to check the relevance too.

Don't ignore mobile users : 90% of people engage through mobile , ensure that you are using mobile friendly artworks and content settings. Mobile-optimized landing page will result in higher conversion rates and a positive user experience.




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