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One Secret Throughout Life - Hence Revealed My Best Friends!

My mother told me that I was still in her womb , when she went to St. Francis Convent School (ICSE) 10 kilometers away from our village , to ask for admission process. She is not much educated but she might have clear vision for the best education possible for me. I feel like she gave me such an environment that she made books my best friends right from the beginning. My home is standalone on main road of my village with no other home adjacent to it , so no friends in neighbour. I was the only one going from my village , so no friends to accompany to school. Then for higher secondary I choose college 26 km away from home. During my graduation and post graduation University was nearly 70km and hardly 10% in class were day scholars and of-course not even one to accompany from my place. 

Being a day scholar and rare friends , May be I was much closer to books. With time I realized , My thought process is changing drastically by reading books. I felt like experience in months and years is getting added with each book I read. Today I may have rare friends hardly 2 or 3 but I have collection of more than 300+ books with me , the count might be less because of my budget constraint. What I am today in terms of how I think and carry a big vision , its all because of my keen interest to read how others think. I read only Non Fiction. 

Book reading improves your thought process , makes you more visionary , you become better informed and more expert in your skills. Books improves your reasoning and decision making skills.It reduces lot of stress , when you see through tough life of successful people, then you feel yourself in heaven. More than to people , I have always been closer to books , I always try to understand what they say and I feel them talking to me and making me wiser with time.

In life you may not get chances to meet and listen to all the motivators and people who want to interact with , Exposure is much important and it is equally important in terms of people we meet and books we read. You can avoid hunting for advice from various people in your real tough times if you are closer to books. They answers all in so peaceful words.

My stay at Arizona US for a short span  with my husband after long time gave me immense relaxed time , I wonder to see big libraries in the city - & The Books - All for free to read!!  I feel blessed and feeling like I got more friends here. I wish we could have all such facilities in India from the government for free. I wish to open one soon in India for free till my collection reaches to 1000 , which will take some time. 

Just like its tough to have a gyming routine , its tough to build reading routine but later it is more like an exercise to body , to mind and to your heart. If you own the book , you can mark the best lines with pencil and start giving stars to the lines you liked. I do the same. In tough times when you need motivation or you feel like refreshing your soul , simply pick already read book and read all the 5 star marked lines , if you have more time you can read the 4 star and 3 star even. If it is a book from library , do forget to pen down the learning or the best lines in your diary. Revising is very important , so that the learning from the book and you become best friends forever.

Book reading has been one top secret of being the way I am! It keeps me energized , full of passion , all positive , helps to take decisions , helps to stay clam and peaceful even in challenging phases , motivates me. Books has proved as my best friends forever on whom I rely 101% and always keep them with me always. So anytime you feel like gifting me - Send me a book please :-) Oh yes ! Only non fiction Please :-) Business book will do ;-)

Buying books is my hobby and I keep most of them piled up on my table always - so that now or then I pick one and learn something new! Treat them human too and experience the change!

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