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My Journey - From Rs.100 to 10 Million in a year! Part-1

Definitely I am talking in Indian currency rupees! :-)

For me who is a startup , who is a budding entrepreneur , its an achievement forever to cross the mark of Ten million. Year started with selling a handicraft item for Rs.100 and ending at Ten million. I have not been through roller coaster rides as everybody says but I am trained to stuck at the top of the roller coaster by my entrepreneurial venture Simbacart :-) I might write funny , but sometimes you are that stuck that you broke down laughing, Its challenging ! Real challenging!

Thanks to the digital world and the concept of digital marketing. I give 101% credit to digital marketing for my success till today. With spending time on reading , practicing and research I have mastered various digital marketing techniques that turned my order booking  to 30,000+ in my first year itself , whereas the return ratio was bit pinching earlier as I was new to the concept. However, thanks to my repeat customers which were nearly 30%. Experimentation is very important and so is the innovation. My experimentation in digital marketing and the continuous efforts of my husband , in IT backend innovations for very smooth operations proved as miracle for Simbacart. With time we developed a proved backend for our eCommerce portal covering majority of the scenarios we came across during our journey and improvements are continuous process till date. 

Limited funds didn't allow us to hire an experienced staff , but still we managed with the enthusiastic freshers. They learned with time and so we. Innovative and in house  IT development has reduced human effort a lot in Simbacart.My sales picked up in first quarter of the business itself , It doubled when I  started selling on online channels too and the tremendous growth came to picture , when we started investing on brand Simbacart itself. We invested big chunk on social media ,

grabbing thousands of orders per month. We launched our Toll free number and whatsapp numbers too. I targeted the tier 2-3-4 areas rather than the metros or big known cities. We gave the comfort of ordering on whatsapp and executive placing order on customer's behalf on call which comprised 70% of my sale and the story continues ... !! My honest and sincere efforts too!




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