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My email to Oriental Bank 09/05/2016 - The start-up distressing stories!

Dear Sir

I am a woman entrepreneur runs my start-up with name , this is my third year into business. I run my business from a village Tangra.  I recently had word at OBC Jandiala Guru , Distt Amritsar (12kms from my village)for opening up my account and helping me for a loan of 10lac or more. I opened up the account and then bank manager visited us , shown high positivity while his visit and then clearly rejected our case stating this is his profession , can do nothing if we mind.

I am highly demotivated to continue our current account at Oriental Bank, Jandiala Guru, due to clear rejection of even a minimum loan for our company. Manager’s positivity during his visit raised lot of hope and a clear rejection to a running business was too pinching for a woman entrepreneur into her third year of business and putting highly genuine efforts to uplift her start-up.

I request you to immediately close our current accounts on high priority. One of the staff has confirmed that account cannot be closed before 6 months. Please provide in written if cannot be closed before 6 months. I need it for my records. Our account number is 02421131000987.

To see more about me and company check :

Sir , I request you to review my case if possible and check if we are a genuine brand and it’s my humble request to support us rather than clearly rejecting in such a way. Request you to share how my start-up is such a negative organisation after doing nearly 2 crore sales without taking any help financially from any institution  till now,  for a minimum loan of 10lac so that I can work on my weakness.

Also I request you not to raise hopes of a client , just for sake of opening up a bank account. Time is extreme precious of all.




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