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My days with No Money and All Passion!

I have been through Stanford Graduate Business School interview sessions with Top leaders and Entrepreneurs of the world from last couple of days on YouTube (A must watch for all). All that it charged me up more with all passion and boosted me up to remain on my toes in tougher times too. Jack Ma - The Alibaba founder has clearly stated that Its much more important to survive even through the toughest situations and we should never think of quitting. Vinod Khosla - The founder of Khosla ventures - encouraged me more to fail and fail again - As at the end people will remember your success not the failures. I am going through some tough times - The tough times are getting tougher as its the right time to scale up and still I am not able to get on track. The banks are delaying the approvals for  cc limits and not ready to lend term loans as I do not have collateral. I am unable to turn up any stone for funding yet , The festive season is too near to prepare for any bang now as we need to have at least full stock for some bumper sale. The season will be low for Simbacart , it will be BAU - the common term business as usual.

At Stanford interviews Mastercard CEO -  Ajay Banga encouraged me again by mentioning "People make the differences not the companies""One person can make the difference - Just Barry Rhine has done in Nestle" Everyday I feel the same for my company Simbacart , that may be The One is me , who can make the difference and even when I ran totally out of money , out of resources , I still carry the passion and the ideas which will themselves find way for money and resources sooner.

When all say NO , I say Yes. When all say No , I still stay I can crawl , I even choose to halt but I never choose to look back. I am wondering what our prime minister was doing in US few days back , to which entrepreneurs the government is promoting in India? - Am I not among them? or I am not an Indian? who being so passionate , so genuine , so honest is getting ZERO help!

Many people just encourage me to write more  as I write all from my heart - I am in deep pain of entrepreneurship Aura which has been accidentally created in India and now many are at challenging phase in their start up!!  Many bootstrapped and still not even encouraged by banks - For people its is To hell with 10million sales done with all sweat in a year itself , none is going to recognize it! All who is earning is PR agencies - misleading people in terms of entrepreneurship Aura in India. 

In India , I believe MBA has proven disastrous! 90% of managers learnt how to market the product wrongly and mislead the genuine!! The results are going to be much disastrous in long term if we did not start using our own mind and apply some wisdom!

My days with No money and All passion are the days through which I am working on just surviving my company. I am running a company which is totally bootstrapped - something I have build with all sweat in last two years. When I ask people how to grow ? I need money to pool in - In-spite of helping me with bank reference , some interested investor , crowd funding - They ask me to cut cost - Layoff staff , change office space , Great that you don't have AC. Is this the way one can grow faster??? I do not believe in like some illiterate leaders that cut the cost of tea of your employee and believe the company will grow !!  How can I keep on laying off the employees who has become foundation of my startup after working even 16-20 hours a day , because of whom my company has grown leaps and bounds just in a year or two. How can I change my office which is sign of our growth that we are quite a bigger team now from last year and we need more space to process more orders than last year. 

Things are as usual ! They are not moving in-spite of all possible efforts. But I am a fighter - Fingers crossed! I am all positive ! Because I believe in what I am doing , I can survive Still! more and even more ! I am breathing :-)

My sincere writings from my heart!




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