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How I See My Startup Positive When Others Do Not!

"See my baby through my eyes - He is an intelligent kid" What can I do if your eyes see him academically only ! All who stood first in an organised way , by cramming things are probably not the most intelligent ones" " All who studied in Harward and born rich might not be the Top personalities in the world! I see my startup in the same way!

People expect my startup to be organised , profitable from year one , comparable to the big multi billionaire giants and make me feel a bit lower many times. The Foolish People - infact I would say ! Who talk bookish !! Who themselves were never entrepreneurs! Who are generally doing even the million dollar jobs only! The super-fast excel skills experts ! The poor paid PR kids! Its just the show off prevailing everywhere. The Hindi language phrase "Dikhawe Ki Duniya" 

"Wine & The fine dine event is required to speak about my start up by an angel investor who himself might be a startup and people will get into some interest when he will talk about me on some big events and will inquire and the chances of funding increases hereby! - This is how India thinks!

Yes , I am badly short of money after investing those millions of our hard earned money - People see it as I have lost all I had - Just because I am mad over something I started - I might be inexperienced - I have not asked much people to help me - I have done all my own - I am a women - I am still not mature enough to run business. 

When others see my business as slowing down - I see it rising though my number of orders might have become stable or they are less as compare to previous months due to lesser investment on stocks and advertisement compared to previous months. I see it rising as I have already created a brand value , I have earned the trust of those repeat customers , I have got 1lac+ facebook fans and the organic fans infact. I have got a beautiful office , the classy furniture , my hardworking employees and their high volume discussions to improve each day , strong in house IT and digital marketing backend and a big warehouse , whereas last year I set up warehouse at my home only , in my rooms. I have progressed! People have started knowing Simbacart , knowing me! My investment was in learning , just like people invest in themselves when they learn at Harward or at some biggest universities in the world! I progressed because , I used my own money on my business and one could imagine the depth of seriousness while learning at my own start up.Situations are tough but never impossible.

In real time helpless situations , People say me  " You are wrong at many places as the real business is when you use others money to run business , business is never done with own hard earned money , You must have gone for seed funding first"  This is how India thinks !!   I believe in myself  to an extent that I was and still I am ready to pool in my each penny till the time I could. I cannot delay my dreams to come true. I am absolutely capable to deal with all toughest situations. Simbacart can be slowed down , can crawl , can change its strategy , the products or even business - But It Can Never Ever Shut Down Before I Leave This World :-)




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