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How digital is penetrating in Tier 2-3 locations in India?

I am very close to the digital marketing revolution in India as I am spending my company's 100% marketing budget on it , trying and testing all the channels. I am passionate to keep exploring the new things getting added each day. I thought to extend my services in digital further , I  have been working with various startups giving them free advise on digital marketing. I am loving sharing my experiences resulting into lot of saving in terms of money.

I stay 2kms from Chandigarh in Mohali , which is a Tier 2 city , in fact Punjab comprises of Tier 2-3 locations. I have been working with few startups in Pune , Nasik and Jaipur too. I am close to tier 2 - 3 locations. I have been amazed to see the faster rate of acceptation of people buying via online. It is a pleasurably deal for the tier 2-3 locations to see parcel coming to their home directly via ordering at app or website. I have seen this very closely , I have intentionally set mid town market for Simbacart. I have given them more convenience by bringing them to whatsapp numbers. The craze to buy the shoe from far away place and that too COD is immense , if I talk about my own company.

If I talk about adopting of digital marketing in terms of doing business , Many retailers have started with facebook pages , but rare knows the concept of advertising on facebook or manage it in organised way. If you are thinking to start a new business you can go ahead with digital business , this is the market with large scope. In tier -1 where the digital agencies are charging Rs.15000-25000 just to manage facebook pages of companies in tier 2-3 you can get price of 1000-3000 , which is not at all bad. When campaigns has been planned the Tier 1 agencies take up to 18% of the budget spent on ad. In Tier 2-3 you can negotiate up to 10%. People are quite resistant in starting and are difficult to convince because they doesn't know the benefits. If you want to start a new business in digital marketing , there is high scope but the basics needs to be very clear , you need to be expert as money loss is more pinching to clients in tier 2-3 than in tier 1. They need to be charged less for a long term business , but analysis needs to be perfect as we should have clear intentions to grow them more rather than intentions of one time business with them.

The concept of exporting facebook sheets and studying them , Google analytics is new to Tier 2-3 , Its our responsibility now to move towards better data analyses and benefit a larger client base in India , which is in Tier 2-3-4 locations.

Lets grow the charm! Think about it! Think about a new business as the scope is immense!

With my sincere efforts! For the true entrepreneurs!




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