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Hand in Hand with Artists in Rural - Simbacart's Report

Simbacart as always is all on toes to promote the handmade products. With time we have realized that in rural and semi urban areas there are many students who have studied Arts (Courses like MA and BA in Fine arts etc.) have no jobs in hand. A known artist from city Amritsar Smiley Arora Chaudhary mentions in exclusive interaction with Simbacart that "Every year, thousands of students studies arts in various colleges especially government colleges but are completely jobless. If we review current scenario it is far better for the government to stop courses which promotes arts. A fewer students gets jobs in teaching and majority of them have no jobs especially in rural and semi urban areas. The same students are compelled to learn another courses such as graphic designing, animations etc. to get a job."

Recently Simbacart took initiative to launch the "Handmade Greeting Cards" category as an initiative to support the artists. By December 2016, Simbacart has targeted to have 3000+ unique designs in various categories of greeting cards, has to be developed by local artists who are all passionate to express themselves through colors. We are taking an initiative to generate jobs in rural and semi urban areas, whereas talent from all parts of the country is most welcome. Cards including the cover and cards itself will be strictly handmade. We have collaborated with professional artists to keep a quality check and improve skills of various artists. Majority artists are girls, infact at present all are girls in the team already doing work, whereas hundreds are in the queue to get the work locally.

We have given the provision to the artists to learn from professionals and get their designs selected. Girls can take work to their home and can earn on number of cards they make each day. Simbacart has collaborated with a local art school to expand its art development wing.

The greeting cards has a good demand especially focused categories has to be Birthdays and Special Days. Currently we have started with selling cards on our own portal and soon to be live on major online channels. Our current customers have already started garbbing the new range and are becoming the happy customers, because every card is unique.

Innovation is the key to every successful business and especially when innovation carries genuineness and cause along.

More Smiles Each Day - The Simbacart Way!

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