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Good Things In Small Packages For Early Start-Ups!

Materializing a great idea - The dream of an entrepreneur, The true entrepreneur. I may be unable to address every entrepreneur but definately the budding entrepreneurs or the aspiring entrepreneurs. The layman - who started like me or will start as I did. - All by our own!

The idea is always good and it moves from Good to Great when the execution has been focused and move towards goal is consistent. There are hurdles and hurdles , some time financial - the biggest hurdle , sometimes the moral support and many times all the hurdles which we had never even think off when the idea was just born.  But its Ok :-)

Here I am sharing few small steps whose impact can be bigger for very early startups as per my experience :

1. Co founder Strategy : You have an idea and you are all alone. You cannot spend too much to hire enough people or people at your level or more. The base of a startup that is out of box is recommended to build up by bringing in co founders. Co founders who are ready to give their expertise at zero cost in a startup , who are ready to mentor for a particular share in the company at later stage and their motive is continuous learning too. Divide your company in departments of two /three or four verticals as per your choice and bring in co founders in your start up from each field. Dont run after company shares and monetary benefits infact run madly after growing it with each passing day by bringing in talent and expertise. Appreciate and respect their knowledge!

2. Zero Hesitation : When I started Simbacart , Though rare to rare people came along and helped but still I did not left a single stone to turn up. I called each one , the best I met in my past. The CEO level people with whom I had rare conversations ever. I called them up , many many times , tried to reach them ,  I discussed with them without any hesitation , Many ignored but few guided as well. We have to see positive side of all what we do. Just one thing to keep in mind " All are human , they are like us only , If somebody doesn't care just ignore - say thanks and move ahead towards your goal" Socializing in terms of learning is very important for entrepreneurs.

3. Social media activation : Everybody does that , but being very consistent is very important. The daily posts , your creative ideas. Learn a bit of Photoshop , paint , coral draw and develop creative content on your own and upload daily without fail. Do not hesitate to share with number of fans on your page or personal profile , its your business your dream , share with as maximum people who allows you to share your post. It can be zero cost activity.

4. Toll free number : Many agencies fool in terms of cost for toll free number. Also many businesses do not feel it important in initial days , whereas I recommend you to have toll free number from day one. Beware of agencies fooling all over , just buy it from telecom companies such as Vodafone / Airtel at minimum rent of Rs.700-1000 and land those number on your mobile numbers. It leaves a very good impression on your potential customers , Also your brand looks more authenticate and reliable from customers point of view. It is a very low cost proposition and should be the priority.

5. Word of mouth : Talk about yourself & Talk about your brand! You keep on working on brilliant ideas and never talking about it to anyone - You Hesitate? Here you lack! Come out of old mental beliefs. Be open with your ideas , talk transparently more about it and see what others think about it. Note and stick with all positive points , just flush all the negative ones.




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