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Beware of the SO CALLED Investors!

When you are a layman , When you have not come from background of some strongest brands in the world. When you are in mid of the entrepreneurial journey and you are growing and you are on verge of expansion , you might be thinking of bringing in investors ! Go ahead but be cautious of fewer as below :

1. Who are just calling for meetings and meetings and not coming to the point. Your time is not precious for them.

2. Who are there to know your business model and start their own at your back very soon. Think before you share 100%.

3. Who are just taking business as a sympathy or acting as helping you out. Ideally they could do nothing. It might be literally a Time Pass and pleasure they are seeking because they could give bigger lectures than you. Such people ideally never understand core of your business.

4. Who fear or hide things from you and invest only for immediate monetary benefits.

5.  Who has no concern with your till date efforts and is not ready to listen your honest stories till date.

Beware! of the Fake & Selfish ones Please!!



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