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Embrace Rural India - Time to Educate, Innovate!

Every evening nearly 40 girls comes to our NGO - Smiles.Care for studying. I teach them often, Yesterday I just entered our washroom and saw two little girls using soap and washing their face, hands, arms with making the foam of the soap to the max. It was funny indeed. I smiled and asked them "Don't you have soap at home" and they said "NO Madam". My heart melted like anything. It was touching moment for me, I felt like hugging them and apologizing for asking.

This the high time to work on quality education in rural areas too and also companies need to innovate how they can connect themselves in one way or other with rural. Hence companies need to have both training and actual business or manufacturing centers in villages. This not only promotes or better a village but also reduces the operating cost of companies.

Many kids come with the same set of clothes for many days. Their skin in extremely hot summers yells for comfort and an environment to live better lives. I started my business Simbacart in my village and started with an NGO too as I want to be closer to people who need me. The attitude of "make it happen" helped me to run an e-commerce business from my village along with being an important initiator in terms of NGO work.

I believe the upcoming entrepreneurs can definitely associate cause with their work and start motivating the people in rural to live better lives and let them know we are living in the era of Internet Of Things. I believe the internet is one biggest blessing, I am thankful to AIRTEL again for giving us lease line in the remote area too and many more entrepreneurs like us can club with bigger brands to develop villages. Innovation in how you operate is also one part of success stories.

The innovation in improving lives is also part of success. We need to think in a different way and believe in that we can definitely do it. There are people, more than necessary in every metro city. Can we think of not being a philanthropist later, but right from beginning in every act we do, in every decision we make. We need to take fellow beings along, otherwise, there will be two different worlds in the same country who will have nothing to do with each other.

It is an alarming time to step into Corporate Social Responsibility and Individual Social Responsibility and to address issues especially education in rural and generating employment in rural locations, which is the majority part of our country.

My honest writings 




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