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eCommerce Startups & The Packaging Tips!

"Yes , I am a startup but I dream BIG , My vision is Bigger and My zeal is Biggest ! As a start up , when I grow each day I am crazy for the packaging too. I am influenced by how Flipkart packs , how Amazon does but I am small start up so I choose to compromise!

When we are new we do not know many things , packaging is one among them. There is nothing like I have to buy thousands of poly-bags , cartons in one go to match the rates of my packaging. Just sitting in office and imagining the cost and not appreciating your own negotiation skills should not be what you are doing for your start up.

Dear Startups , Just you need to hunt vendors. Hunt vendors who can print just 100s of quantity for you. They are easily available in market once you start looking for them. I would suggest to pay few more rupees is OK than blocking your money for thousands of quantity. Buy less but buy regular. Keep giving the business to each vendor you get associated with. Printed tapes are very important - as it contains branding , it seals the product. It indicates if the product reached till client without opening even once by mid parties (logistics) , as the blank tapes could be removed and pasted again. 

Recommended: Your packaging should act as both your marketing channel as well as the packaging. Dont forget to mention your Toll Free Numbers on your packaging and your brand's name and logo. Consider packaging as your additional marketing tool and give it extreme importance from day one. If you use brown boxes which are generally recyclable , please get that printed too that you  use recyclable material for boxes indicating you are an environment friendly company. 




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