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Dear Snapdeal ! Its NOT #Dilkideal for Sellers!!

For Snapdeal Aamir Khan asks, Who says there are no big dreams in small towns?  He adds that it doesn’t take much time for a business to grow from one town to becoming pan-India today with Snapdeal.  He surmises as he makes an appearance: When the distance between you and your customers reduces, your dreams will come closer. Do business on Snapdeal, home to over 4 crore customers.

My questions is to which sellers you are calling at Snapdeal through this ad?? Are those Indian sellers - The struggling sellers many like me ?? or you have opened the site for some special set of sellers ?? Or you have gone corrupt somewhere inside?? I was seller on your portal who did more than 30lac of sales in my first year , Unfortunately it was a low time , I was outside my office for a month and our sales got slow at some point of time due to my long break , I completely understand our fault and you moved us to SD plus - The Big Mess Theory! Where I have to move my stock to Ludhiana - A place far from my own warehouse. I did that after loads of conversations - The stock sent by my staff was less and it moved slow and you delisted us in March. OK , I consider all my fault again.

It has been 7 months now , I have been following up for my reactivation of the account and from last two months I am aggressively following up on this. I have been selling thousands of footwear on Flipkart each month and I wanted to expand more. I was after my staff and asked them why you are not able to do it , in fact I just got angry on my staff and 3 months back I took all responsibility on myself considering that my staff is inefficient to do this work. Its is damn funny that You even made me feel that I loose and Snapdeal wins. I have been following up and there is nobody to help me out. The story mails are moving to each other's mail boxes , The SD plus is a Total big mess theory of yours helping us nowhere out. I have my own warehouse now , earlier also last year you took all stock from our warehouse itself , Even after dropping number of mails and assuring you best class service being the owner of my company you are just ignoring my mails and my requests to you. I have enough evidences and I may upload all my mails sooner via some source.

You don't consider us genuine , Please understand the ultimate sufferer are the customers when you pinch your sellers in such a way and run campaigns which shows you support them but in reality you just linger them on for months and months even after request from the owner herself , even after assurance from the seller , a seller who is already doing well on other portals, A seller who is ready to trust you and invest money in your portal , In-fact a Seller who is passionate to grow with you.

To hell with the assigned managers - I must tell you - NOT DOING THEIR JOB AT ALL. In fact , hire who need job rather who just find reasons on how not to do the job. How many " Please" we as a seller should write and say? 

Even having such big records on snapdeal you are just harassing for getting relisted! Invest more on seller experience , customer care  rather than misleading with big ads.The stock has been planned , The money has been invested by all hooks and crooks -  The festive season is near - And you have closed all channels of relisting!! Our time is precious too! Please Understand! Check all your recordings on how many times I have requested from our office number 9888005343 and my emails sent from

Looking for someone to hear us soon ! 

Your EX-Seller




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