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Dear Flipkart - Please treat me human!!

I never wanted to write this post as I am a loyal customer of flipkart and I truly respect the brand. I have never ever purchased a single item from any eCommerce except flipkart , though even in messy festive days too. flipkart can check my account that I am repeat & repeat buyer from my email id

Not only a buyer but I am regular seller too from past few months. Dear flipkart , Please check my seller account "". I am selling hundreds of my footwear on your portal daily. I have observed well that the team is working real hard and have leverage over many other portals operationally and technically. 

But the recent case from last week has harassed me like anything and broke me very badly inside. I never had such emergencies in my business , as I had last week. I am a budding entrepreneur who is solely running a small business all on her own. I have never requested flipkart for my immediate payments. I understand the delays in reconciliations , the technical issues sometimes , but where is flipkart understanding me as a seller or a human.

I could see payment of 1.5lac in panel on 29th of August and I have raised my ticket Reference number 150829-055590 for maximum payment on 31st August.  Watching the payments clearly mentioned in the panel , I promised payments to be done further, which was too urgent to pay and was totally an unavoidable case for me. And on the day of transaction I got only Rs.7424. I was so shocked as I have limited funds last week and as a women its tough , infact very tough to deal with the next party whom I had to pay a promised amount for sure. I faced severe embarrassment. Still I tried to delay for another day , I called 10 times a day talking to customer care and the supervisors , requested like hell for my payment. Again panel on 31st was showing 1.68lac and I got Rs.315 on 1st September.


I literally lost my patience , I called flipkart again many times requesting for maximum payment on 2nd September , I asked them many times to drop me mail , To please please connect me with some senior , my payment is real urgent. They just asked me to wait for tomorrow. I spent my night whole in stress and next day on 2nd September started waiting for my payment again and by evening after 6pm I received Rs.1194. 

Last night , I burst like anything and was all into tears and total mental stress because of my payment stuck at flipkart. I kept calling customer care till night nearly 20times talked to atleast 6-7 supervisors. I requested them loads and At last I asked them either to disconnect call themselves or ask your seniors to call me. The supervisors chose "to disconnect my call themselves" They said " we are forced to disconnect your call" This has been done by 3 executives in a row that they disconnected my call even.

I loved the brand and I do not want to say more!! I want to grow with you!

My only request to Flipkart is to please check the recordings of my number 9888005343 and see if they are doing enough justice , if they are finding me wrong let me know , I am ready to accept my all faults too.

But If you are a human and you have a heart , If you are a genuine brand , please pull out the recordings of last 3-4 days and listen how much I got harassed!!

Even a person die in front of you - I am sure you are the one who will never listen to!

We need to be human first!

My only suggestion is to have an escalation matrix at Flipkart. Let us be down to earth "Hum itne bade bhi nahi ho gaye k baat nahi ho sakti normal bande ki kisi senior se" Its a baby flipkart still , have to grow leaps and bounds!

Your loyal customer & Seller




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