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The Leader In You!

The ability to handle people is an Art. It is the mix of admiring people and correcting them , further giving them authority and grow them as leaders too. I believe You being a leader proves yourself if you could grow more leaders. It can be achieved if you agree to transfer all you know to your team and you yourself keep on learning. We should work more on appreciating and most on improving efficiency of the team rather than pointing out mistakes and mistakes. Mistakes to be highlighted , but speeding up or making efficient the tasks they are already doing well is most important.

The leader in you should help your team to achieve what they are capable of, to encourage , to lead , coach and mentor and align team with the vision. Most important is to create sense of belonging in team , they are not just paid and work is expected from them and they can be replaced anytime. Most important is to make them feel It is their company and they are responsible to grow it bigger. Identify such team members and appreciate and give them more authority than just monetary benefits.  

I do not believe in theoretical techniques of leadership , Situations are different in all companies , it could vary with age group , gender , location , financial stress , external environmental factors.  A true leader is who is honest with team and aligns their sense of belonging with  the situation in the company and vision of the company. A leader should himself be self confident and well focused all the time. The most important is to identify own leadership strengths and remain focused all the time!



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