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Closer To Humanity -- The Blessed Brands

"Lets light the light of those in darkness on earth - Lets choose being Closer To Humanity" & of course lets choose to be "Blessed Brand" Lets add a new term in our dictionary of words - "Blessed Brand"! Through my venture - My focus is all on , to be a Blessed Brand!

More Smiles Each Day - The Simbacart Way!


By "Blessed Brand" - I mean - A brand worthy of adoration , that can bring happiness and thankfulness among its stakeholders, that turns to a supremely favored brand by the aura it has created on its own self by being sacred at its heart.

The ultimate money even the biggest brands are making , I am sure its not for the disaster on this beautiful earth , its definately for favoring the humanity at last , making lot of money must be someone's dream to make himself or his loved ones happy , so why not we choose to be closer to humanity each day. Making millions and then spending big chunks on CSR later - Why not we choose favoring the needy daily with just small amounts? Sometimes I feel like less people die of Cancer , die of Ebola and much more with just hunger. 

In Simbacart , In sync with my heart I chose the tagline "More Smiles Each Day" - Where we are all focused on doing business diligently and touching more people in need each day and bringing smiles to them. At Simbacart based at Village Tangra in rural India , we are too active as a team to be in touch with society each day , especially in remote areas. We do nearly 15 campaigns each month , wherein we do Food donation ,Shoe donation , Eye sight checkups and much more for needy in rural India as of now. 

"With each purchase our customers do , we commit to help  someone in need"  Our communication. We are all passionate to stick to it.

Lets start from basic necessities , The needy universe is demanding the basic things - Just Food - Just Water! Lets be connected to the society each day! Every company - small or big must embrace warmly , the responsibility of lifting up the needy. There is not the scarcity of food , water , clothes in the nation , there is high scarcity of our smaller initiatives. Lets be a "Feel Great" Company - Its all about being "Good at heart, Being kind"

To the giants and even to all the startups , I recommend to aim for "Blessed Brand" A brand extremely active in support of various social causes locally first. The immediate ones first - The Basic necessities first - The food first!

My Honest Writings




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