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Can we think this way? #isupportskill Campaign

I am into footwear business for nearly 2 years now.I sell on online portals and  my own portal is also very helpful in adding sales in my basket , Thanks to Simbacart's  one lac facebook fans. The base of my business is identifying trendy footwear designs , sourcing footwear from  various manufacturers in North , especially Punjab , Delhi and Agra and labeling them and then further pushing on online channels. I have worked with wholesalers who are importing from China at large scale.

Being into footwear business , I have been into roots of industry to some extent. I am continuing my research and understanding. I have seen many people have an art in India of making shoe , though with traditional tools. They have small manufacturing areas as  a room at their home and the family members themselves make shoes at home. They are into same small scale business year on year and selling locally into their shops. Those who are selling at a bit bigger level i.e they are providing in bulk to few retailers in nearby cities , they have hired 4-5 footwear making experts but they least do business in organised way. 99% of them never have TIN numbers and they work on cash. By cash I mean , they may give credit but again they do not prefer bank transactions at all. 

Many skilled workers approach me directly too to give them work , but earlier I have refused many as they cannot give me bill. I did not find it right and tried for a solution. There are many skilled workers or manufacturers who make footwear at home but they cannot give bills or they lack in financial investment ,designing , color choices and are doing very limited business due to their tier 2-3-4 location.

I am launching #isupportskill campaign in Simbacart , Under which I am going to create a virtual manufacturing firm , All the skilled footwear making masters from various locations will be encouraged to be part of it. We will register  maximum men and women who make shoe at home at various locations in India. SISSC (Simba I support skill center) will be set up at various locations in country. We are aiming to set up 30 SISSC by 2016. Our team will source material for them or they will be allowed to buy material on our behalf paying out to them immediately for material. They will be paid separately for getting ready each shoe on weekly or monthly basis.

By this , many skilled workers will be able to do business now. They will be free from the complexity of giving VAT bills  to us. We are aiming to provide employment and good business to minimum 250 such skilled workers by 2016.

With my sincere efforts,




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