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Bluedart - DHL - Simbacart & The Rural Sync!

"When you put heart to passion , you can turn fascinating challenges to success" I am into online fashion business where customers order directly on our portal and we ship them orders  through logistics companies : we can call it ecommerce. Two years back , I started my business from a city (Chandigarh in India), where no company was ready to work with me on Cash on delivery model , as they thought that I am a new and very small entrant with handful shipments.  There have been very known logistics players in Indian market Bluedart , DHL , Fedex , Delhivery , First Flight , Dot Zot , DTDC, Aramex , Ecom and many more.

I approached to all prior but things didn't turn up , Bluedart was the first company I started working with , shipping all over India and that too cash on delivery orders , Soon after Bluedart all other companies started working with us and all went smooth in terms of options to take our shipments to the end customers.

Last year I moved to a rural location - Village Tangra in Punjab , where we do not have single courier company who delivers except Indian post. I was tensed , as logistics was one biggest barrier to a business like ours. I sorted it out by daily shipping my shipments to Delhivery in nearby city which is 25kms from my place. Though it adds to my cost , However it solves my purpose. As the shipments volume is increasing it has been tough to daily ship orders far. I need separate vehicle and separate resources.

I talked to various brands and its a big no from all , I took challenge to run ecommerce set up in extreme rural. The challenges tries to prove my decisions wrong , but we are determined to look for ways. I approached Bluedart people again , The local manager Mr. Puneet from DHL and Mr. Avtar and Mr. Umesh Sharma from Bluedart who first opened Simbacart's account when I was in Chandigarh. Things worked out , they didnt work out for any company inspite of my requests , but Bluedart and DHL made it happen. Bluedart for the local shipments and DHL for the international shipments. Pick ups to be now done from a small village Tangra , where no logistics company even a smaller one has its office with cash on delivery option to clients like us. 

“What makes a good leader” is a long term approach and the cause it supports and the problem it solves. Good brands make people feel that they are at the heart, that they're part of making things happen. Unlike other brands who didn't find time to visit a smaller place like our village, I believe good brands like Bluedart -  DHL takes out time, they listen. They take the heat of making things happen for the deserving. I believe innovation starts at the edge of discomfort, and progress happens when great brands take chances and Bluedart and DHL are one of them.

It is proud moment for Simbacart team to make it happen. A village where no ecommerce company serves , where no one is ready to open up pin code for the village. Where a team is running a company , when they themselves do not have any experience of receiving a cash on delivery parcel at home. We are thankful to Bluedart - DHL to ease the logistics and helping us to achieve a new milestone for Simbacart in rural. We are proud of all brands who are supporting Simbacart continuously and making it a huge success with time. 

More Smiles Each Day - The Simbacart Way!

My Honest Writings.



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Vishal Pandey
Vishal Pandey
May 05, 2020

Kudos to Blue Dart - DHL

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