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Being Entrepreneur & The Importance Of Clear Conscience!

Kenneth & Norman in their book " The Power Of Ethical Management" quoted a powerful sentence "There is no pillow as soft as clear conscience"  This is immensely easy tool for entrepreneurs to be confident all the time.

Entrepreneurship starts with doing many things which you have not done before , being into challenges that have never been part of your journey earlier. The near to impossible challenges are common. It is very important to be honest and to be doing right things only , no matter how tough it is when you are a startup. Doing a clean business is a real challenge , But it is very important as  it brings in all 101% confidence and gives you the power to fight in real tough situations. 

Do not kill your precious relaxing time by thinking about doing something wrong which may help you in short term. Just like you planning to hide your tax liabilities  , when your start up is just boarding Or you are planning to involve somebody in your business financially when you yourself is not sure about it. The self ethic check is very important for entrepreneurs. 

The tax liabilities on my sale goes up-to 14-15%. It really , sometimes makes me feel like what government is doing for us , not allowing us to grow due to heavy tax imposed. If I am paying it very transparently , I could sleep better at-least. My point is being clear , honest and doing the right thing is important , It can be delayed , more discussed but choose right over all odds. Doing wrong things making yourself falsely proud for short term will hide a fear forever in your heart of being caught , being suppressed at any point of time. Tough situations can be handled by being true to your conscience rather than trapping your soul in sorting out situations for  short term benefits.

Choose clear conscience and the show must go on with full Confidence !!

 Happy Always:-)




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