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To IGNORE - Is Important

" I want to do something of my own , just like the idea I shared with you. I am not impressed with just the dollars I am earning working under someone" he said.

And the voice came "That would never work in real world"


Mind it guys! The Real World Never Exists Even!

This real world when we hear from people - is very depressing infact. Most of the world lives in the real world and they always expect the budding ideas right from the gut of a man to fail. You may hear the idea is impossible ! The idea is wastage of time! The idea is something never done before! The idea is all new starting from scratch ! Something people might have not done because it cannot be done!

Mind it guys! DON'T BELIEVE THEM!  The real world is not a place .. It is just the Justification of not believing one self. Its just a trick ! A foolish rationalization!

Ignore the real world and Build all of your own!



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