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"A Royal Affair & My Entrepreneurial Soul"

We have often read - Behind every successful man there is a women , However behind every successful women there can be a man too :-)

Me and my husband share the same name "Mandeep" so we are Mandeep Square :-) By grace of God since we met in March 2013 , we have been appreciating each other's knowledge and skills. He is a tech guy and I am an MBA. The IT-Marketing could make a great combo. We started with our work on Simbacart back in March 2013 , whereas we realized and launched it soon after our marriage in October ,2013. He was working with Infosys from last 6 years and I just left my job soon after marriage. 

From a small office room at home itself , slowly things started working and growing week on week. To grow it more we required more funds , we got help by family too but that was not enough for us. He got call from American express, United States in Jan 2014. Our plans were not sure for US as we just started our business in India and we just got married 2 months earlier. 

Entrepreneurial souls in love decided to join AMEX , where one has to stay in India for Dream Simbacart and other has to fund. It has been 1.5 years now , My husband is funding Simbacart every month and I am handling our startup in India. He is our IT mentor too. If we would have not invested in Simbacart , we might have saved millions of bucks till date. We have invested each penny and all our precious time in our venture - because we trust each others capabilities and we respect each other's knowledge.

Luckily I too got chance to watch the beauty of Salt lake City for around 20 days. The journey is tough for us , but never impossible. 

Happy Always:-)


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