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Women At SimbaQuartz - Exhibiting Great Instances of Women Intrapreneurs!

Back in 2013-14, I started my entrepreneurial journey with one awesome woman Sapna and then Arsh and Ayubi have been my initial women employees, I always remember. "Women'' are often regarded as a weaker section of society. But, things do change and so are positions, circumstances, and contributions. Talking about modern women, they are stronger, super-leaders, motivators, game-changers, and decision-makers at major. Similar instances of strong women are present at SimbaQuartz, the amazing examples of women intrapreneurs.

Being a substantial support pillar to women, I always motivated other women to stand for themselves and do something really big in life. In our organization - SimbaQuartz -several women are employed and their contribution is always recognized. Being a woman entrepreneur, I thoroughly understand various circumstances a woman may get through. This is a reason, we have flexible working policies in place. With our generous policies such as flexible working hours, work from home policies, equal pay, we're helping women at our organization to follow their dreams of making their bright future in the industry.

Presenting a few of the many instances of our strong women at SimbaQuartz who are actually setting examples for others.

Radhika Khindri - One of the senior-most employees working as Sr. Software Engineer in SimbaQuartz is an amazing example of a working woman who has continued her job in my firm even after getting married. She has moved from the role of working on campus to working from home after serving more than 3 years. She has become a perfectionist who can manage work equally well by being at home. Even she is performing much better.

Navdeep Kaur is also a part of our IT team associated with SimbaQuartz as a Software Engineer. Belonging to Taran Taran a nearby district, Navdeep represents a wonderful example of a true challenge-taker who has done B.Tech with a score above 80%. As her college was located at around 35 km, she had to travel there by public transportation and the same traveling while she returned. This way, she'd to do daily traveling for 70 km. But, her will-power never let her down and she's doing superb in SimbaQuartz at present. She is a mentor to many.

Our progressive working environment and employee-friendly policies are the real mantras that encourage our employees to stay associated with us.

Similarly, another brilliant married professional woman associated with SimbaQuartz is Kalpana Sharma. She is placed in our organization as Project Manager of the IT team and managing technical projects effortlessly. From managing client requirements to smartly working with all members of the IT team, Kalpana has proven her excellence in a wonderful way. Many times she opts for working from home and it has never affected her performance. Kalpana is currently handling clients all around the world especially Clients from the United States, Canada & Australia. She is also helping in building SaaS applications, particularly for project management.

As SimbaQuartz has multiple departments, we've employed seasoned women professionals in all departments. Parminder Kaur who belongs to the finance department is an integral part of our company as she is currently handling multiple tasks simultaneously. During her interview when I asked her Why do you want to do a job? She replied, “I want to prove my capabilities, capabilities of a woman that she can do something big in life”.

If we talk about the most suitable name for an intrapreneur in SimbaQuartz - Parminder appears immediately in my mind. She's creative, energetic, smart, logical, and a real gem to my company. It's almost five years now she is associated with us and with time she has improved herself exponentially and also knows all the in and out of the company. Some employees become the heart and soul of your venture, She is one among them.

Jatinder Kaur is an employee who lost her father at the age of four. Her mother did stitching work and supported her to get a degree in Computer Science. Today she is another bright must-talked name of SimbaQuartz’ female employees as she’s a versatile employee in our web development & graphics department and a very proactive person. She is a favorite of our clients because of her work. Whether it is indoor office activities or client projects, her contributions are always commendable.

Kulwinder Kaur and Kanchandeep Kaur are new, However very hard-working employees in our team. With an ultimate eagerness to achieve something really good in their career, these girls are presently sharpening their technical skills with sheer dedication.

Sunaina Kapoor is a passionate coder, one of the most talented and efficient employees associated with us as Sr. Software Engineer in SimbaQuartz. An Ex-employee of Tech Mahindra, Sunaina is very much satisfied working with us as presently, she’s a kind of a very strong pillar to the IT team.

She recently got engaged and she considered continuing her job after marriage with us. I am glad to know such decisions of my women employees. I believe the humble and ethical environment perfect for women has earned us loyalty from women with talent. Sunaina is currently working for one of our biggest US-based clients who further supply medical equipment at a scale to the US army.

Aashima Arora, employed with SimbaQuartz as Test Engineer is phenomenal at her job. Her performance in IT projects is commendable and she's one of the proud members of team SimbaQuartz. Her dedication towards SimbaQuartz can be judged from her decision to continue working even with an injured foot. Once, she met with an accident which left her foot badly injured. She was advised for complete bed rest, but she started working from home merely after a week. She went through the pain of her injury, she couldn’t move from bed for months, but still, she accomplished her work brilliantly on the ongoing project. This gesture of Aashima exhibited her dedication towards her job. It shows nothing can stop a woman if she’s determined to do something.

Kirandeep Kaur is also a part of our Software development team as she works here as a Software Engineer and gives her best to make us proud by having her on board. Her craving to learn and improve her skills make her a bright and inspiring employee in SimbaQuartz.

We remember the day when we asked Kirandeep about her learning and experiences in the company, she instantly replied that "I’m so glad to be a part of SimbaQuartz. She said that this company is like a plane of action for me and I’m seeing a big positive change in myself. I really don’t mind giving credit for my learning and enhanced technical skills to Mr. Manjot Kalsi - Sr. Software Engineer in SimbaQuartz who invested a lot of time to brush up my skills."

Gayatri has joined us recently as a Content Writer. A very mature and intelligent woman, with excellent command over the language. She is a great mom and manages a great work-life balance. It's hard, however, I salute such women.

Prabhjot Kaur is employed here in our accounts department. Associated with us for more than a year, Prabhjot is one of the most humble employees in SimbaQuartz exhibiting qualities like hard-work, quick learning, passion to learn and very disciplined.

Rasleen Kaur has recently joined SimbaQuartz as an Executive - Project Management. B. Tech in computer science and an MBA from GNDU, Rasleen has successfully completed two internships from Mohali and now, placed here in SimbaQuartz to meet high ambitions of a bright professional career.

Rajwinder Kaur is an integral part of my organization as she's presently managing the housekeeping and kitchen staff in SimbaQuartz. From ensuring everyone is complying with COVID 19 measures to keeping a check on the day to day activities of helping staff, Rajwinder Kaur is doing everything with spectacular passion and devotion.

Talking about the journey of Rajwinder, she's the only earning member of her family of four. Like any other mother, Rajwinder also has high dreams of her kids to be well-educated and well-settled in life. But, she's not that lucky to have the hand of a good companion in her life journey. Though she never let circumstances come her way and she stood by her visions. I am always along with such women and I also believe in supporting the education of kids of such families.

In 2016, she joined SimbaQuartz as a part-time employee, but after 1 month, she was a full-time worker in our organization. Since then she's working extremely hard and giving her best at her job. Today, her kids are studying in a reputed CBSE school and she's capable enough to provide every possible facility and support to her family.

Life goes on... indeed, it does; the story of Kajal - one of the oldest workers in SimbaQuartz perfectly fits this saying. At a very young age, Kajal's father passed away and her mother left her, leaving three kids including Kajal behind with her grandmother. Kajal has been working as a full-time helping staff with me since 2013 and I along with my family support her in every possible way including a good salary, building their home, supporting them with groceries, clothes, and health facilities.

Just like Kajal, Suman, Sonia, Pooja, and Dalbir Kaur are also our helping staff and contributing an important share to the success of SimbaQuartz.

Truly, women at SimbaQuartz represent almost all characteristics of a modern, successful, independent, proactive, and strong woman of society. Being a woman entrepreneur, I perfectly understand their hardships, situations they go through, obstacles that might appear in their way and that is the reason, I can better show empathy, reliability, and support to women at SimbaQuartz.

I always extend my support to women and so does our organization - SimbaQuartz.

My Honest Writings

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu



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