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The POOR & DISCOURAGING treatment of HDFC Bank! What rural can do! NOTHING!

I am very sad about my experiences being an entrepreneur and being in rural, though they hardly affect our performance but definitely gives team discouraging experiences.We are a supported by Bluedart, Airtel, DHL in the remote area, just a gesture to lift us further and grow as rural entrepreneurs. I am thankful. I am not at LinkedIn to be a complaining box, But definitely as one writer sharing her experiences being in rural India and being an entrepreneur from years at this platform.

Recently I wanted to open an HDFC current account in my village. HDFC came recently in our village and is having a very small branch. Rs.12000 is the minimum amount HDFC (Village Tangra) needs to open a current account, which is 12 times higher than a government bank takes. We understand HDFC is a brand, definitely can give us services much better than other banks in our village, But I must say to startups or to current accounts they should allow people to open accounts at Rs.5000 or even below than. 

I opened up my account in HDFC with Rs.12000 minimum as per manager to open a current account in a village bank. I need HDFC because the platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google majority accept private bank cards for auto deductions. 

It has been 2 weeks to submit all documents and We are still awaiting our ATM and Cheque book. I talked to the bank manager that we have a transaction of 6000 to an another HDFC account and later we are going to deposit payment of Rs.50,605 on same day.

Whatever may be the urgency the bank manager says you cannot get Rs.6000 out of the bank.I asked them to give me in written, she say do whatever you want. I sent my employee for request of both transactions on letter head, they said this cannot be done as for even 1 minute the account cannot have balance less than Rs.12000. First you need to deposit Rs.50,605 and only then next transaction can happen. The bank manager confirmed my employee over call that tomorrow I will send notice at your office to close your current  account, you can do whatever you want. This is a bank where things will happen as per us not you.

There is height of rudeness! Are the banks feel that if somebody is working from rural the team is also illitterate? Are this encouragement we are giving to people who are trying to have a startup in a village.This is the height of treating people inhuman, where each hundred rupee for a start up matters.

This is unhealthy and discouraging! Tagline of HDFC is "We understand your world"  Do they understand in any manner??

My honest writings




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