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SEATC - Simbacart Employment And Training Centre ! #ruralsimba

We recently moved our company Simbacart to Village Tangra near Amritsar  , In order to be more closer to Rural India - More closer to locations below Tier 5 in India. We are in depth study of rural locations of India which has high potential of growing up faster and the first step required is good education , trainings and employment or self employment opportunities.

We are on our toes to formally launch our SEATC centre in Village Tangra. SEATC has objective of series of unpaid and paid trainings to rural youth to brush up their skills and making them employable either in Simbacart or  helping them setting up entrepreneurial small scale business under SIIEC (Simbacart Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship Centre).

First time in region SEATC brought up hourly working culture in rural , permitting all school going students too to earn for their school fee and pocket money with an ease. SEATC is all on toes to bring more smiles to rural youth , by giving them better environment to sit , helping them to improve on their computer skills , giving them clean, tidy , up to date environment like in city. 

Three learning focus areas of SEATC are to improve on english communication , computer skills and overall personality development. Motivation at every step is all what we follow at Simbacart Campus. SEATC is all focused on minimum 1000 hours free training altogether to at least 50 rural students in year 2016-17.

My honest writings- Mandeep



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