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How Simbacart is changing lives in rural - A report on Ashay Kumar

On interviewing Ashay Kumar :

Family : "When I was born, soon after 5-6 months, my father came from Bihar to Punjab. I have a younger brother and two sisters, one is married. My father and mother do labour work on daily basis. My father works with local construction instructors whereas my mother does work in fields.

Daily routine: I get up at 6am, I get ready and go to school. I come back at 1 or 2pm. I do my school work and teach my siblings. I come to Simbacart from 3pm-8pm daily. Again after reaching home I study and help my siblings in the study and help my parents in household work if any.

Friends: I have one friend Vishal, with whom I study too sometimes. He is my friend because he seems serious in studies and helps me too. I love to stay isolated as there is community difference when I am staying in Punjab. Also in my school which is a government school, I do not find serious friends to accompany. They encourage me to miss classes rather than attending them.

Study: I have a keen interest in studies. I scored 77% in my 10th and aspire to score more than 90% in my 12th. I have chosen commerce as my subjects. I am thankful to my father who paid my fee to a local teacher to teach me basics of computer, which ignited my interest to learn even more.

Life at Simbacart: There is a love filled culture at Simbacart. Every day I am learning new things. Recently my grandmother expired last week, I was so much attached to her. However, Simbacart is my second home and a peaceful place to be, very next day I came to my work.It was a healing for my mind and heart. My learning has increased fifty times in last eight months. I am closer to the internet and my computer skills are improving day by day. I am learning from each one here as I am younger among all. I am sure of right career guidance after my 12th. I always want to study and work along, I feel myself different from my classmates as I am investing my time in a better way. I am learning communication skills and software simbacart is using. With time I am working on becoming a perfectionist in tasks I have been taught. I am lucky to keep on working in different departments where I assist my seniors. My understanding of business at Simbacart is building in a good way. I feel proud when I train new employees.

Finance : I am trained daily by my seniors, Simbacart is more like I am studying in another school I know things may take time but in five years till my study gets complete, I may become the most important part of the organisation. I get Rs.3000 monthly, Out of which I pay my monthly fee which is Rs.80 , I pay my brother's monthly fee which is Rs.300 as he is studying in private school. I buy all stationary from my own money. Also, my parents get some help from the money I earn. I try to save money for my higher studies.

Do you encourage others? Many times I talk to my friends to be part of Simbacart, however until they visit they have no idea. I encourage others but they do not get convinced.They prefer playing at this age.

Was it your choice or compulsion to work? It was both, to be true here. I am earning some amount, it is making things easy for me which were earlier tough. Moreover, learning is attracting me much more than money. I am confident of being a good performer.

What message you want to give? It is important to choose a right mentor to shape the career and change the way you think. To have a different experience in life we need to work hardest and choose the good company of people we meet daily.Simbacart has been my best decision till date.



I would love to add we have more people like Ashay and he is so hardworking. We as corporates, need to step in to bring change, especially to rural India. Simbacart is proud to have its set up in a village - Tangra, where there are hopes each day to bring more smiles to people around.

My honest writings

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu



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