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How LendingKart helping women entrepreneurs in rural India? A True Case - Simbacart #ruralSimba

"Trying to act like a man doesn't guarantee success for a woman entrepreneur" - The true scenario actually demands sincere efforts! Unable to find investors, and lack of collateral are biggest hurdles in today's scenario , especially to women.

I am into a beautiful entrepreneurial journey through my venture Simbacart which I am currently running at My Village Tangra - Tier 6 Location, where I am learning each day. My venture is totally bootstrapped , Throughout my journey I have tried for lot of investments and loans from banks , But they have many reasons to say me NO. However , I am all focused to give my best in-spite of continuous rejections. (Check our work at  To all the men who says there is no difference for women doing business in India , I sincerely disagree.

In continuation of my linkedIn post dated  24th August, 2015 "Why is My First Angel" Where the case was as follows:

When I tried to put some efforts for selling my stock on Flipkart and luckily I started selling hundreds of footwear online daily. I clicked an option given by flipkart on seller panel - Lending services. I got call from in a day , the process was too smooth , too courteous that I got loan approval of 3lac within 3-4 days and the money got transferred to my account within a week without any collateral with a promise to further increment on amount within 3 months. Though 3lac was an extreme small amount as per my need, But I am all impressed with the quickness and the comfort and the trust. Though its on interest but one thing its a big relief than NO NO from such reputed banks who have no plate for entrepreneurs with genuine running business already , transactions happening everyday. Its far better than , to get embarrassed from acquaintances because you want to grow your baby business bigger. 

I want to appreciate the brand again!

After 6 months of completion of the first deal , LendingKart is further ready to support my dreams , infact dreams of rural youth all set to get trained at Simbacart and work with Simbacart. Lendingkart has gained trust on Simbacart and is further extending funding in the project and at lower interest than earlier. The height of distrust the banks and the investors shows is really pinching for some genuine startups like mine. They ask for collateral and expect to bribe them.

However,Simbacart is  no more a startup now , we are already in year 3 of business.

Better access to funds can help women entrepreneurs overcome the barriers they have encountered along their entrepreneurial path and A big appreciation to brands like Lendingkart , who are reviewing founder profile better than just numbers! I believe Lendingkart is one brand which is all set to make the women entrepreneurial ecosystem more healthy!

My Honest Writings!




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