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Entrepreneurs! What is important to learn from SQUIRREL!

Adaptability & Quick Learning are the two important traits we need to learn from squirrel!

Adaptability :  Squirrels are experts at adapting, capable of living almost anywhere, so much so that in some areas they are viewed as pests. Entrepreneurs must have the ability to quickly adopt their challenges in sync with their vision– based on the environment. The ability to quickly adapt and stay flexible are essential for the survival of any business. Therefore, in the long-term, a business headed by an Entrepreneur with flexibility and adaptability will succeed. Quoting example of Simbacart - I was doing many things earlier when I was in initial days , as I was having many categories on my eCommerce portal. I had Mobiles / Laptops / Tablets / Jewellery / Handicraft /Perfumes / Footwear / Clothing / Sports etc. With time I realized , I am following the herd. I analysed my sales and found 90% orders are of only footwear. I narrowed down Simbacart to Footwear only marketplace. I was looking for more funds in the organisation , I started extending my digital marketing and IT services to third parties rather than going for loans. To be adaptable to the situations thin or thick and finding solution to all your challenges and adopt changes at the earliest is very important.

Quick Learning : Squirrels are quick studies, they capable of learning by observation. Entrepreneurs like squirrels rather than asking , need to be learners by own self and by observations first. Following is curse. You can never develop an innovative business solution or working model if you will always be into copying and you are always looking into what is in someone else's plate. Hey! Your business secret could be " How you work", How your organisation operates? Entrepreneurs should be quick learners - ready to learn new things at every step. Quoting example of my venture - I mastered digital marketing on my own. I had good budgets , budgets in lacs for every week. I could have easily hired an employee or agency and must have started with my digital marketing work from third party as my business depends on it to a greater extent. I chose to learn all on my own. I did a distance education course from a University , It developed my interest in digital marketing . I studied material of various courses from , which polished my skills more. The best part was I was running my own business and had full access to experiment things practically too. I ordered all possible books from internet falling in my budget from Flipkart. I learned analytics reading all the FAQs  and notes sections on Social media as well as Google.  I have been a bit weak in finance , but during my start up , I realized it very soon and brushed up my skills in finance too. Quick and Continuous learning is very important. Before hiring for a particular field in your start up , please consider learning basics for you yourself - is very important.

With all my sincere efforts!




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