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Entrepreneurs! The Grandest Vision Is Important!

"Create the grandest vision for your life , because you become what you believe"- Oprah Winfrey

The hot rays of sun cannot evaporate the oceans ever and even the strongest storm cannot break down the mountains!!  So start dreaming Oceans and Mountains. It is very important to think big and dream of bigger dreams. Your thought process leads to where you want to be , hence where you want to be and what you believe in should be The Grandest.

How could the billion dollar companies must have ever existed , if the vision has been small. You can start small but the end needs to be bigger and profitable infact. The small needs continuous improvements in sync with your billion dollar vision - Your Grandest Vision. Give your grandest vision time , Be patient. 

I have came across many people who could not come out of the comfort zone of job they are already doing. They are so intelligent in their field , some even know more than their boss but still they do not want to take any risk , they don't believe in themselves that they can do. They have many excuses for not starting something of their own. The vision here is not the grandest - Its not at all! Self belief is very important to have grandest vision. I want to quote here if you think of 100 percent you will get somewhere near 90 , but I am talking here to dream for 1000% and achieve much more than even 100. 

We have read about so many Big giant players in the world , who once started so small. Entrepreneur should be happy to go where no man  has gone before. Even if we are a startup , we should be focused in building the world class brands. For that we need to be consistent along with calculated risks strategy to keep the momentum. I believe once we develop the right business model there is always need of fuel in finances , which will be part of journey along with time. It is very important to work on developing a business model which can be scaled. 

Entrepreneurs must believe in taking companies to heights with their diligence. There is no harm in bootstrapping your startup , In fact that brings loads to seriousness and sincerity.

Always motivating my fellow startups!




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