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Chief Smiles Officer - What To Pledge!

"Chief" is equivalent to the utmost responsibility , it may be Information , Technology , Operations and many more. 

I quote and propose a new designation for corporate - "Chief Smiles Officer" - Let me say my heart out and lend me your ear for this article today.

 Chief Smiles Officer : To be the one who will create an overall positive and feel good aura in an organisation by lifting up maximum lives directly or indirectly associated with the brand. As an entrepreneur , I have been in roots of many areas of my footwear business - Simbacart.

When I source shoe , As a Chief Smiles Officer I am looking for if my vendors from where I am sourcing my product are in real need of business. I observed a lot of shoe makers who are skilled and semi skilled make shoe at their home. I put my efforts to make a team of them and give them business. By their blessings from 10 to 100 and 100 to thousands of pairs I started selling. When I found them in failure of scaling up , I helped them to purchase raw material first from my money and later I will pay them only labor charges. They scaled up from 250 pair a month to 800-1000 pair each month with same number of family members working to make shoe. I am at success to make my vendors earn more and add more smiles to their lives. Through my business I am all onto take Rural Passion to City Glamour. Pledge "More Smiles Each Day"

When I hire to sell shoe , yes - to sell I trusted my rural staff as my company is based in my village Tangra. Yes - Proud rural who are studying and earning as well and few are just the school going kids at the height of sincerity in their job. And many who are graduates and even more but their roots are in rural . As Chief Smiles Officer , I chose to train them and make them learn new things. We are operating from a village where pin-code is not serviceable by eCommerce giants in India but my  staff without themselves having any experience of online shopping is handling business so well. I trusted them wholeheartedly that yes they can learn and do it. I made them feel special , they are loving the city office experience in their village. I keep sports and educational activities in our company. They learn and make presentations. They are so perfect in using internet now. They are confident. They are happy. A school going 11th class kid was doing part time job of picking up hay for cows in his free time and earning some bucks , has got the opportunity in rural - in Simbacart campus to enter into a corporate office , use computer at fast speed internet and talking to the customer in Metro cities and taking order and gaining a new experience. He understands the value of study  well now. He aspires to learn faster and reach heights in the world. Chief Smiles Officers - need to bring such a change. The other side of the coin has to be explored so well , that it brings all goodness and charm. Pledge "More Smiles Each Day"

When I sell , To work on "wow factor" in products and services is important and next to it is "Delighting the customer". As Chief Smiles Officer , I am all focused and improving on my product and packaging daily , that when my customer receives our shoe , we bring smile to him too. Pledge : More Smiles Each Day! 

Giving back to society , All call it CSR  for Simbacart it is "More Smiles Each Day" No budget and nobody could stop me to run numerous activities. We spend in thousands and sometimes in hundreds but we do it continuously. we donate shoes when we have budgets. When we dont have much we donate food to touch maximum lives. When we run out of budget we request for a free checkup of the needy to nearby hospitals. We run low , We run high but we conduct social campaigns every alternate day. Can you imagine you can touch 100 lives just by Rs.500. In 500 you can make rice for 100 people for a time. Then why spend so big ?? Can we together just work on the basic - The very basic need - HUNGER! Hunger is not because of the scarcity of food , It is because of scarcity of initiative by people like me and you. In Simbacart , we are all passionate to spread more smiles each day. As Chief Smiles Officer , I am all focused on increasing our social campaigns from 15 to 30 each month from next quarter.I feel money hardly makes difference , it comes from this or that source , sometimes its less and more however we need to come up with innovative ideas to give back to the society and work on very basics. Lets touch more lives ! Lets Pledge - More Smiles Each Day - The

Simbacart Way!

My Honest Writings!




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