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Airtel Cheers Woman Entrepreneur In Rural @Village - Tangra! An interesting case - Must Read!

"Sometimes the hardest and the right thing are same" It was something  for Airtel in my Village Tangra!

I am in tier 6 location in Punjab in my hometown Village - Tangra, recently moved my eCommerce and IT business from City to Village. My very first challenge in village was to get a lease-line as my online business and IT business at Simbacart (my company) depends on fast and regular internet connectivity. Many asked me why I chose village , when I already knew I am going to face all internet connectivity and logistics issues. However , My objective is to develop my village , teach , train and uplift more people. Moreover , to bring my ideas to life. 

I believe - My Dreams Breathe!

I tried to resolve my lease-line connectivity issue with almost all brands including Vodafone , Connect , Tata , BSNL , However because me being in village  nobody realized that somebody is calling for a real required connection in rural.

We - The Entrepreneurs are exceptions. We live by passion. If opportunities do not knock our doors , we build one. We believe in building our own dreams and to make things happen. Impossible only means , we haven't find the solution yet.

When all efforts didnt work , I dropped email to various managers of telecom companies at Linkedin and finally responded by one i.e Rakesh Kumar -VP Mumbai from Airtel. Things moved faster , which were pending and delayed by all since last two months. The urgency and genuineness has been considered of my team and brand Simbacart. 

Like entrepreneurs - Hunger to win over!  Airtel did it just in a week realizing the urgency and considering delay of putting up link by other companies. We have been well supported by local managers. Tagline of my company Simbacart is #MoreSmilesEachDay - Which got fulfilled with Airtel's this gesture in my village. Loads of students are going to get trained in Tangra in Simbacart's employment and training centre and they will now be able to access fastest internet connection locally and learn much better. We will be able to scale up our business. With our launch of Simbaeasy , The village will get loads of advantages in terms of online transactions such as their online ticket bookings , hotel bookings , access to large base data  for which otherwise they had to travel to city or have to depend on agents who charge them huge. 

Airtel gave confidence to rural , to a woman , who is all set to turn her Big Dreams to Big Vision. Simbacart is an extreme socially connected brand. (Check : ) We are in real a family , we are not an organisation. We are family and we are one! We are not here for appreciations for all who help us , Our Village Bless those who are helping us to uplift those who are in real need.

Such gestures of Great Brands are really exceptional and praiseworthy. I believe some brands are real game changers and change happens with such genuine gestures! They are opportunity seekers. They Execute! They Help and They Win! Thank you Team - Airtel.

My Honest Writings




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