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5 ways to explore an Extraordinary You!

I have been born and brought up in a small village “Tangra” in the rural part of Northern India, where nobody can think of the modern world so easily. However, the knowledge and the way I conditioned my thoughts over a period of time helped me to explore the extraordinary me. You never know the potential you have and how fearless you are, until you explore. On my recent visit to the United States from India, I went for River Rafting for the first time with my US friends, we went upto Level 4 and it was a super good experience. I explored how much power I have, even in my left foot and of course, there is Magic in Water, it makes you even more fearless.

This month reading “The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind” by Vishen Lakhiani — Founder of Mindvalley was on my reading list. I must say there are many take away lessons from the book and an entrepreneur like me who have come from such a lean and mean background could relate to it very much.

Here, I am sharing below the 5 ways to explore an extraordinary you — a blend of my personal experiences and the book I read:

  1. Be a sponge:

When it comes to learning from others raise your ability to grab knowledge and wisdom from people you meet and of course from what you read. Every person you meet, have one or the other qualities which you can always soak in yourself. I believe “When you do not learn “What to do” from someone, you always learn “What not to do”, which is equally good. From my personal experiences, I learn Patience, Gratefulness from people I serve during my philanthropic work. I experience, people just waiting for some food in their life, some water to wash their face and many times some shoe or clothes to cover their body. I learnt from them, Hey! don’t take things for granted in life, you are lucky enough. I daily experience learning new skills from my team and from books I read. Each one is extraordinary in himself if we really look into good qualities or skills of others rather than flaws. If you start learning from that extraordinary person in each one, your life will grow exponentially.

2. Quit the socially approved rules:

If everyone is doing, it does not mean you also have to do. Following a particular religion, studying in a specific college, doing 9 to 5 job, eating and wearing what we are taught by our parents, getting married and having kids as per society does, One should not blindly accept the socially approved rules and impose on himself. One of the keys to being extraordinary is to know what rules to follow and what rules to break. Our lifestyle, our careers, our love lives, our happiness and health should not depend on the conditions of society. Think out of the box, explore freedom. Live the way you want to live, Do what your heart says. From my personal experience, Women are less into the business from my village, I can say rarely. I jumped into building up my businesses and very successfully running them. I believe in choosing the path less travelled always. I delayed my pregnancy until the time I want. As per society couples might have kids within 2–3 years of

marriage. I have other plans and it is completely fine. It is my life and I am super happily enjoying my life with my husband. In my religion girls usually do not go for a haircut, However, I do. I believe we should incline more towards humanity even before following any religion rules. Even telling a lie is against religion and how often people do that! The very real in front of you doesn’t mean very right.

3. High tolerance of pain:

The safety is overrated. To explore our extraordinary potential we need to jump out of safety and have the courage to take risk through fearlessness. We need to practice, a very high tolerance for pain. Tesla Motors had failed a financing round and ran out of cash and Elon Musk had to borrow money to even pay for rent. Yet he came through. From my personal experiences, I started with two ventures simultaneously, My IT venture SimbaQuartz was profitable from day one and the e-commerce venture Simbacart burnt a lot of bootstrapped money for five consecutive years and finally, I closed it as I never wanted to take the bank loans. While closing one of my venture the pain was huge, just like I am losing one of my family members. The high tolerance of pain made me even stronger, made my IT venture SimbaQuartz even more profitable as it gained my whole attention and today I am planning to reopen my eCommerce website once again and came up with other sister ventures SimbaCourse and SimbaFleet. When the situation sucks! Just think “What I am going to learn here!” Keep constantly pushing yourself out of the comfort zone, and thats what extraordinary minds do.

4. Be in a state of happiness:

No matter what, place your happiness first. People who keep themselves happy can do best for others, can help others with all their energy and in actual. How can you do good to others if you cannot do good to your own body, your own mind and soul? Your time is limited, so do not waste living someone else’s life. Do not let the noise of others opinion, disturb your own peace. Many people may try to make you feel, you are wrong, you are selfish, unfaithful, you broke their heart. Remember, Heart takes care of the whole body, but it keeps all the good blood for itself first. People might push back or hassle you, but you must be prepared to stand firm in pursuit of your own happiness. Also at work too, “Happiness is the new productivity.” Dare to live your precious days on Earth, to their fullest, true to yourself, not to others. Stop postponing your happiness, be happy now.

5. Kind, Compassionate & Grateful:

Extraordinary minds are definitely Kind, Compassionate and Grateful. They focus on Giving, Forgiving and Moving on. I never let my mind stuck in a particular situation. I practice moving on all the time. Many times I am hurt and in past, I had long depressing weeks. Did I ever give up? No, not at all. With your kind and compassionate self, Giving and Forgiving attitude, just pull yourself out from any worse situation of your life. Three things are super important here: 1) You never need to prove yourself to others 2) You should be always truly grateful for all you already have 3) You should be Giving.

Remember, there are places on this earth where people wait for days just to drink water and have a loaf of bread.

Wish you good luck and take steps towards An Extraordinary You!

My honest writings

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu

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