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3 Tools to Make Your Startup Even Easier

Grow your startup without missing even a beat. That’s the beauty :) The beauty of the accessibility through the internet and technology advancing every fraction of second. Here I am going to suggest you fantastic online tools you can use to increase the efficiency of your startup and make it a lot easier to manage:

  1. Team Communications: It is important to be in sync with the team, especially when working from different locations and different time zones and it usually happens in Start-ups. There are various channels on the internet available for the team communications like Sococo, Yammer, Slack, Chanty, Flock, Stride, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Fleep etc. I am personally using “Slack” in my own 3 ventures for almost a year. I recommend “Slack” as your first try and test. Slack brings highly customizable workspace with a very profound notification management. You can search within uploaded documents. It has a wide set of powerful features along with a large number of integrations. Easy to understand and works very well on mobile as well.

  1. Project Management: Running a startup means working on dozens of tasks of all levels in one go, playing different roles and meeting a lot of deadlines side by side. Thanks to SaaS (Software as a Service) evolution, that helps to see through hundreds of tasks of a startup with an ease now. There are various brilliant software to manage projects such as Trello, Basecamp, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Microsoft projects, Jira, Easy Projects etc. I am personally using “Asana” to manage my ventures. The most impressive aspect of Asana is easily understandable and least complex. You can create a number of projects, number of teams without much noise. Communication among team members is displayed live as an ongoing discussion, you do not need to go back and check the steps followed to complete a particular task. The software has the ability to list all necessary tasks and then decide which team members should be assigned to that task. You can mark deadlines and also set customized reminders very smoothly. It offers over 100 integrations including Slack, Microsoft Office, Google drive etc.

  1. Online meetings: “Zoom” undoubtedly provides very high-quality audio and video and easy to use for the new teams. Screen sharing between both the presenter and guests is simple. Participants can instant message during conferencing. Meetings are easily recordable, which is an important aspect for the startups. Recordings can be shared and downloaded. Users can create reoccurring meetings and always use the same link for the future meetings too. It clearly gives an option to sync with your online calendars. I have been using Zoom in my ventures too and it works superbly, a better impression on my clients. The other options for online meetings are Uberconference, OpenMeetings, Yugma, Zoho, Skype for Business Etc.

My honest writings

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu



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