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15 Ways To Think Like A Warrior

Here I am going to share 15 points list to think like a Warrior all the time:

  1. Things aren’t always fair in the world. Things aren’t always going to go your way. Warriors believe in living life fullest anyway, all the time.

  2. Warriors do not care about winning or losing. They keep focussing on only what they can control. The effort and attitude in the present moment.

  3. They do not measure success by the final scores. They measure success by the maximum effort they put in by fully committing themselves to the task at hand.

  4. Despite all the things they could have complained, they can get bitter over, despite their painful past, unfair things happen to them, Warriors live their dream, they don’t let negativity rob their joy and love for their dream.They do what they love. They reemerge and regain their focus everytime, they are knocked down hard.

  5. Warriors take time out to be thankful. They believe there is so much to be thankful for. They simply count their blessings every day. They are the firm believer of faith over fear, firm believer of God.

  6. They never give up, sit down and grieve. They find another better way.

  7. They love what they do and attack each day with joy and enthusiasm.They find opportunities in every obstacle.

  8. When they make mistakes, the Warriors own it instantly. They seek forgiveness. They believe in being realistic all the time.

  9. Warriors are true leaders. They are not afraid of dreaming big, even though they must face the unknown and untried.

  10. The only true failure is giving up. Warriors believe, each setback, each failure takes them closer and closer to their ultimate goal. Their decision is to never, never, never give up on their goals and dreams. It is never enough to make them quit. They are unstoppable.

  11. Warriors have inside fire to achieve honestly. They have a bring-it-on attitude, hunger for bigger and more challenging goals in life.

  12. They ignore the naysayers. Warriors, again and again, remind themselves of all the reasons their dreams can come true.

  13. Warriors choose “mental toughness” over everything that knocks them down and makes it a habit.

  14. Tough times never last and Warriors recognize that. They keep the big picture in mind.

  15. They use anger as their motivation. They work super hard and make themselves even better. They never ever spill over their anger on others.

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu

(Inspired from the book “Think Like A Warrior” by Darrin Donnelly)



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